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I think it's healthier to meet such problems head-on than to do away with the priesthood altogether.
If the Faith is true and from God, it should be strong enough to remain standing in spite of all our questions and reinterpretations. .
They certainly don't seem to be in the business of abrogating anything that the Central Figures have said, nor what they themselves have said in the past. .Chronic community fatigue and "burnout.".It was an excellent article, well-written, insightful, and full of courageous and loving suggestions for revitalizing the Baha'i Faith in the United States.It subtly alters the way we view humanity, so that we no longer see one world, but two: Baha'i and non-Baha'i.When we're so busy serving and running around, we can't hear the "still small voice" of God whispering into ägyptische chat online kostenlos the ears of our souls. .I still can't force myself to study some of the more pedantic works, like "Some Answered Questions because I can't reconcile myself to believing what's in them.It may once have been silent on the issues of slavery and racism in America; it certainly isn't anymore. .There's no ritual, either; even though the Writings don't actually rule out the creation of new rituals for short-term use, they discourage ritual use over the long term (such for Feasts and for marriage ceremonies and Baha'is as a rule stay away from ritual altogether.

but on care and respect, forged in the furnace of real conflict. .
My soul is still moved by Baha'u'llah's writings, and probably will always be; their beauty is simply incomparable. .
There were conservative factions, and liberal factions, and harsh words, and behind-the-scenes politicking, and a near meltdown of the Anglican Communion - all over the single issue of the Scriptural acceptability of homosexual behavior. .
On love, not on law.
Never give out your phone number or postal address.I will have more to say about this exclusion later.That leaves two choices: I accept all of it, or I accept none.I understand that people who have not chosen to be a member of the Baha'i Faith shouldn't take part in the business-meeting part of the Feast, but why can't they merely observe? .Except in the really big urban areas, everything is done by volunteers, who all have their own lives to deal with. .I think a religion should allow for more balance. .For example, the unity of all religions is a wonderful idea, and for ten years, I truly wanted to believe. .Because of the solidity, coherence, and authority of its teachings, the Baha'i Faith is not a religion in which one can just pick and choose what to believe or not believe.Buddhism does not necessarily teach this belief. .